Monday, December 14, 2015

Find The Beautiful

As most of you know, my new book FIND THE BEAUTIFUL is coming out soon... I hope this book will give women everywhere the courage to find the beautiful in their own lives that are filled with the dreary routine and unshared responsibilities that suck the life right out of your soul.
From my heart to yours…
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"No, I am not alright, and I haven’t gotten shampoo in my eyes for at least ten years. My life is a disaster, and my husband is nowhere to be found. Not for comfort, not for help, not for anything. My dinner was ruined, my day was hectic for no reason, and my husband is either trying to hide from me and our children by working late or having an affair and using work as an excuse to be home late. I am invisible, the ghost who keeps everything running in the background, even if I barely manage, and I’m the one suffering the mental and emotional meltdown because of it...”

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