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Today is going to be a little different. Today's showcase is a children's book by Kathleen Ivan.

Here is the blurb: Two young girls, Crustina and Kathlean, set out on a day's worth of fun never expecting something extraordinary to happen. The extremely hot day causes problems that involve a seagull and, eventually, a stranger that magically appears out of nowhere.

This story sounded really cute, so naturally I was curious. I bought the book and read it. Then I sat there scratching my head wondering "What the hell just happened?" The book was 'weird' to  me, and aside from my own children's books which are weird too, I felt torn. I don't give reviews unless I can give a good one, so I sat there perplexed. Instead of racking my mind over what I just read, I called in my 6 year-old son to the rescue. We read the book together. At the end he looked up at me and said "What happened?" and then I was like "Exactly! Right?!" But then his imagination started and I sat in awe. We spent 10 glorious minutes coming up with all sorts of tales of the characters, laughing our butts off! He even mentioned the book hours later at supper! It took the imagination of my son to help me realize that "oh yeah, this is a children's book!" And A Pink Boat Adventure succeeds in engaging CHILDREN! Even though my first impression was that the book was weird (I mean, who the hell am I? It wasn't written for adults...), Kathleen Ivan did a wonderful job writing for the children that it was intended for. My son and I are happy to give this book 4.5 Stars! My son loved it and we spent a moment in time, laughing and sharing in the story of The Pink Boat Adventure - which is something I will always cherish. 

These moments in time are the reasons children's books exist. Thank you Kathleen!

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