Friday, July 24, 2015

Once Upon A Dream - Book Excerpt

heart emoticon Once Upon A Dream: A Dark Cinderella Story heart emoticon
---> He’d managed to say something so endearing and so simplistic that she was charmed right out of her skin and, later that night, right out of her pants. As they lay together in his private dorm room, he turned over to face her and said, “That settles it. I have to marry you.”
She laughed and said, “You psycho! People don’t get married just because they have sex these days!”
“I know but you’re special and I can’t let you go. No, I won’t let you go.”
He picked her hand up off the covers and held it to his lips. Little kisses landed on her flesh, on her knuckles and on the back of her hand. His dark brown eyes, so chocolate-y velvet, almost bottomless, gazed into her blue ones.
He twirled a strand of her silky, blond hair around his finger and added, “Women like you only come along once in a lifetime, you know that Ella. I would be missing out if I let you go.” <---


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