Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Midnight - Teaser

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---> MIDNIGHT <---
---> The fire was a roaring light in the dark sky and Roger had been surprised that he was able to get it lighted considering how damp everything was. He was freezing but he needed to do something out here, at their spot. He just wasn't sure if she was sleeping or if the light would draw her.
As if on cue, Tessa stepped into the circle of light, her eyes filled with hesitation. "What are you doing out here," she asked.
"Wa...iting for you. I think we need to talk before the morning."
Her eyes darted around in worry before they settled back on him. "We can talk in the house," she said softly.
"No, we can't. We met here and I want to say this here." Roger stepped closer and saw the tears in her eyes.
"Please Roger," she whispered, "Give me a chance. Don't leave me like this."
Roger's brow creased in confusion as she stepped so close that they were practically touching, "What do you mean?"

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