Thursday, August 21, 2014

#YourLifeIsCalling is getting a new cover!

#New #BOOK COVER coming for Your Life is Calling!!!

I hate that I have to change it, but I am grateful that I have the opportunity to make it better for you all!!!

Thank you for your patience. I will reveal it soon, but if you go to buy it and see a notice that it is out of print, just give it a few days to integrate the new cover and check back!

I hope to make this transition as seamless as possible!

(Dark & dull printer issues)

Thanks again!

Photo: Are you just going through the motions, feeling depressed, lost and defeated because nothing in your life is going right?

Maybe the days feel longer, your time feels like it isn't your own, or you're tumbling through a minefield of chaos and despair. Maybe you just want to cry.

There is more for you in this world. You possess the ability to create the life you dream of, to harness your time and energy and focus it into a beam of purpose. And this is a fact for EVERYONE. 

Join the millions of other people today who have put their LIFE back on the priority list. Unblock the negative energy that is causing your pain and be prepared for doors to open, pathways to be illuminated, and the truth of what you desire to come forth. Inside this book are the answers you seek.

For a short time only!

Your Life Is Calling

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Also on Apple iBooks!

Get it now! Your LIFE is calling! What are you waiting for?Paperback Amazon
Kindle Link
Barnes & Noble Paperback & NOOK
Also on Apple iBooks!

Get it now! Your LIFE is calling! What are you waiting for?

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