Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Musings by K

Hello World!

I hope you all are enjoying the excerpts! If you haven't signed up to follow me by email just click on over to the left right and enter your email - it's that simple. I do not share your names or send spam in ANY form. Hell, I can't even see the list of email address that sign up! You will receive my blog posts as they are published - that. is. all.

You noticed I wrote left then scribbled it out? Yeah, that  is because I'm left handed and everything is automatically to the left! LOL!

I'm really excited about my next book - Your Life Is Calling - I hope everyone reads my book and answers the phone! ;-)

In the meantime, do you need more foreplay in your life? Pick up a set of my Book of Fantasies Trilogy - WHITE, RED, & BLACK!

WHITE: You can find the print edition on Amazon , and all eBook formats on Kindle, Smashwords., Barnes and Noble NOOK, KOBO!. and Apple iBooks.

RED: You can find the print edition on Amazon, and all eBook formats on Smashwords, Barnes and Noble NOOK, Kindle and Apple iBooks!

BLACK: You can find the print edition on Amazon, and all eBook formats on Kindle, Smashwords, Barnes & Noble NOOK, Apple iBooks.

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