Monday, June 30, 2014

What are you reading today?

Quick! Fill-in-the-blank: “Real women don’t read ________________.”

Did you answer “erotica?”

A lot of people think there’s something taboo about reading steamy material with a decidedly sexual content. Actually, there are several compelling reasons why you might want to include some erotica in your library.

Here are three:

Distraction – Same job, same partner, same old, same old. Whether you spend your days in the board room, a bored room, the kitchen or office; alone or in a relationship, erotic novels take you far away from the ordinary. Set in fanciful locations, situations, and spiced with fantasy characters, a bawdy read can instantly transport you to a completely different world.

Stimulation - Contrary to popular belief, a woman’s primary erogenous zone lies right between her – ears. While men respond to visual stimulation, females are highly stimulated by what happens in their minds.  The written word provides ideal mental material. There’s just enough information to jumpstart a gal’s imagination.  If you’re looking to boost your libido, just add some erotic kindling to your Kindle or e-reader; you’ll heat up in no time.

Education - If variety is the spice of life, erotic stories can add a lot of seasoning to your bedroom. Even if you haven’t had extensive experience between the sheets, you can read and learn about some fun and novel techniques in complete privacy. What happens on the pages, stays on the pages, but if you should mix a little fantasy into your real life? That’s a bonus for everyone!
So whatever you are reading today, make sure you add some spice to your life with a little erotica! ;-)

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