Tuesday, July 1, 2014

No Genie Required!

Remember the story of Aladdin? He rubbed a magical lamp and out popped a super-powered genie to grant his three wishes.  Ever wished you had your own personal genie working on your behalf?

In so many respects, you already do. This very moment there is a universal principle at work called the Law of Attraction and it’s already operating at your command.

In nature there are certain irrefutable laws, like the Law of Gravity that says what goes up, must come down.  There’s another one called the Law of Attraction that says whatever you think about, you’re likely to get. Whatever you focus on and talk about – good or bad – you attract.

Imagine you have two magnets and your desk is covered in red and black staples. The red staples are everything you value and want more of, like health, money and love. The black staples are the opposite, illness, poverty, loneliness. You can only use one magnet. You could use your bright red one to collect all the great positive “staples” in life or wield the ugly black one to pick up all the unpleasant staples. Your choice.

The Law of Attraction is exactly that – it’s about choosing the right magnet (energy) to attract more of what we want into our lives. Positive, optimistic individuals that seem to lead the most charmed lives and keep attracting great fortune aren’t using magic lamps, they’re just harnessing the power of the mind, picking up the right magnet, thinking right thoughts -- no genie required.

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