Friday, July 18, 2014

Your Secret’s Safe With Me!

Admit it. You’ve secretly wondered about that cute guy at the supermarket. Sure, he’s fabulous at sacking your groceries, but how would he be in the sack?  Or, what about that married guy across the hall, the one with those dreamy eyes? Or the postman or your vet? What about your boss or even your neighbor?

Sometimes, unbidden, you suddenly conjure up all kinds of situations that put you and the object of your interest together in delightful ways, but wait --- you can’t fantasize about your boss/neighbor/girlfriend’s boyfriend/girlfriend!

Or can you?

Fortunately, within every healthy woman, right between her ears, resides her own private Las Vegas – what happens there, stays there and it’s absolutely okay.  Fantasies are nature’s permission slip to experiment with and experience some of the people, places and things you just aren’t comfortable approaching in real life.

Reality is chock-full of complications, repercussions and consequences. Blissfully, fantasies are not. The next time your imagination invites you on an excursion of forbidden pleasures? By all means, accept. Indulge. Your secret’s safe with me.
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