Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The Sensuality in Erotic Writing is Instant Foreplay for Women

The title says it all.

Sex is human nature - no human with basic common sense could argue this fact. And if you're one of the lucky ones, really great sex could be life changing. The problem is that a lot of women today never get to experience the really GREAT sex. Erotic literature can help! And I don't mean porn - that is completely different!

Let me show you...

A girl across the room is standing in a nightgown putting lotion on her leg. A guy comes up behind her and starts having sex with her from behind.

There is no story in porn, no emotion, just an act of raw carnal sex. Period. Most men actually appreciate this, but unfortunately guys, this is a turn-off for most women. And unfortunately, this is a representation of what most sex lives are today - robotic, lacking connection or nonexistent.

But don't worry, as I wrote earlier, erotica can help you!

I patiently watch her from across the room like a predator watching his prey. Her silk nightgown clings closely to her damp skin and hardened nipples. She is fresh from the shower and my groin tightens at the sight of this beautiful woman applying lotion to her leg. I murmur to myself that I am one lucky man as I begin my approach. I can smell coconut mixed with a hint of lime as I draw near her from behind. Slowly, I move her long curls away from her shoulder and kiss her neck lightly as she rubs more lotion into her thigh. I hear her softly moan in approval, so I continue exploring her neck and shoulder while my lips taste her skin. Taking precaution not to scare her off, I gradually move the strap of her night gown down her arm loosely exposing one perfect breast. I reach around and lightly cup it, rubbing my thumb over her pebbled nipple. The roughness of my callused hand increases the sensation throughout her delicate skin and she is overcome with gooseflesh. I take my time kissing her shoulder, her neck and make my way up to her ear again. Then I  push my other hand up into her hair and with urgent aggression, grip it tightly bringing her head back to my shoulder. A soft cry escapes from her mouth as I move my hand from her breast down her stomach to the throbbing between her thighs. She relaxes back into me, rubbing her ass against my hardness.  I growl in victory...

As you can see, I didn't even get to the sex yet!

Women are intelligent emotional beings and we need MORE to get our juices flowing and make our bodies respond.

So to all of you men out there that are not having sex as much as you want and to all of you women out there that are not getting the foreplay you need, I have the answer - and it's not porn!

The answer is erotica...

Don't believe me? For the women out there, get one of my books below and read 1 or 2 stories before your significant other arrives home. And for those partners (men) that don't read? Buy one for your partner and make the simple act of kissing your partner's neck a habit.

You provide the connection and I will provide the foreplay - we all win!


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