Thursday, July 24, 2014

A glass (or two) of wine post.

It's been a hellava week!

I choose to concentrate on all the good things, so let me start by writing that my next book, Your Life Is Calling is being released this week!!!!!

Oh hell to the yeah! Happy dance!

All my links will be coming soon, so stay tuned. I am so excited for this book to be released.

Unlike my Book of Fantasies Trilogy that is out now (links are on my author page) which I feel helps millions of women find the foreplay they have been missing in their love lives, Your Life Is Calling is a self-help, motivational and inspiring book for your overall, happiness, health and wealth.

I am a unapologetically mixed genre writer. My overall writing goal is to help millions of people fill in the missing gaps in their own lives.

Not to mention, writing brings a calming therapy to my own life.

Tonight I celebrate the release of Your Life Is Calling with a glass or two of wine, while typing this post on my computer so the world can celebrate with me. This has been a great year and it's only getting better.

To the Universe and all those that support my writing unconditionally, Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! CHEERS!


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