Monday, July 21, 2014

Help Needed and A Promise to Pay it Forward

Today is a day that I take a deep breath and check in with myself.

My Book of Fantasies Trilogy is out and performing beyond my wildest expectations and only getting better. I am now in “review” mode. I'm looking for more reviews., so if any of you authors or marketers out there have any secrets in obtaining reviews for your books, please share them with me – I am a willing and motivated student! I have all the links below! Please share!

You can get #WHITE at the links here: Amazon , Kindle, and Smashwords, Barnes and Noble NOOK, KOBO!. and Apple iBooks.

You can get #RED at the links here: Amazon, Smashwords, Barnes and Noble NOOK, Kindle and Apple iBooks!
You can get #BLACK at the links here: Amazon, Kindle, Smashwords, Barnes & Noble NOOK, Apple iBooks.

Your Life is Calling is still due to be released on the 26th!  There were a few last minute hiccups over the weekend, but everything has worked out perfectly! After an initial anxiety attack over meeting my deadline, I gave it up to the Universe. I fell back onto my bed and said  out loud, “If this book is destined to come out on a different day, then it is because that is the more perfect day – all is as it should be.” I took a few more deep breaths and Voila! It has all worked out.

I have dedicated this year of my life as The Year of the Book(s). I know I can write and have wonderful people fill in the missing blanks and edit all my mistakes, but I still have a ton of education to receive on overall book marketing.
Right now it seems very overwhelming to me. I have awesome help with my social media sites, but apparently there are street teams, blog tours and book conventions (to name only 3 out of hundreds of other opportunities) that I have yet to scratch the surface…all with the goal to get my “name” out there.

I’ll continue to do my research, but if any of you have personally experienced success with specific techniques or businesses, please pass them my way!

I promise to pay it forward!
Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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