Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Hump Day Help!

So I find myself as a cheerleader for my author friends — I simply do whatever little things I can that help in any way to foster their success.
So today is my...Hump Day Help author out post!

Wednesday Hump Day eCard

Anyone can support an author’s book(s) by doing different things to help the book sell and get noticed.
I’m a new author, so I want to do everything in my power to help sell my books and get them noticed, but I also realize that I can’t be selfish AND successful. That goes against everything I believe.

So, in no particular order, here are my top 6 things – for all my fans, friends and family— some big, some small — that you can do to support a author/friend when their book comes out:
1. Buy their book. (Buy NEW, not used.)

An obvious point, I’m sure, but it’s very important nonetheless. Consider pre-ordering the book if it isn’t out yet.  Publishers pay attention to pre-orders to help get a sense of what titles are getting buzz and attention. Impressive pre-orders help the author.
2. Buy their book for others as a gift.

Think of which friends and relatives would enjoy the book/novel. Buy it for them as either a birthday gift or holiday gift. You get to support your author friends and give cool gifts at the same time! Get copies signed if possible to make gifts special. Even people who don’t read many novels will still take note if a gifted book is personalized and autographed.
3. Leave a review on Amazon or or Goodreads or all.

Reviews are still very important. On some level, that silly rating does affect me and my decision — and my guess is that it affects you, too. So it’s crucial that, when you read a book and enjoy it, you leave a review on Amazon or or Goodreads or all. Most e-Readers let you leave an instant review on the last page of the book, so you don’t even have to do any extra work! You’re there, the book is over and you loved it – so  before you move an inch, select your star rating, type in why you loved it and press send! It really is so very easy and those first 10-20 reviews matter  greatly. Those reviews can set a book on the right path. (Note: If you’re  feeling really adventurous, you can click over leave the same review on all sites to save time without ever leaving your reading spot. ;-)
4. “Like” the author’s Facebook Fan page.

Getting your personal friends to “Like” another friend’s page is an easy favor to ask, as it requires no money.
5. Spread news of the book through your social media channels.

When the author mentions it on Facebook, share the news with your social circles and include a small note about what the book is and why they should buy it like this:  Wow! This new book by my friend (or use their name) is a great gift for those singles or couples that have lost their way in the bedroom. Close the door-turn the lights down-romantic stuff for all to enjoy!”
6. If you have media contacts or know people of influence, arrange a connection.

This is one of the best things you can do and probably the biggest way you can truly influence the life of the book and the success of the author. It’s a positive domino effect that springs to life the monstrous success that most writers dream of – perfect example? E.L. James and the Fifty Shades of Grey Trilogy!
So, if you’re married to the cousin of a local news personality or radio host, it’s exactly that kind of connection that serves as a great introduction between author and host. If you know a book reviewer at a newspaper in a large city, say so. If your old college buddy now runs the biggest reading club in all of Texas, try and help your author friend’s book be a future choice in that club.

Basically, it’s just about showing gratitude for the private entertaining moments that the book created in your imagination.  It’s that simple. Just help them and support the publishing industry. Good karma will befall you, and the hope is that others will help you in return as you follow your dreams.
On behalf of all authors out there - I extend my sincerest gratitude!



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