Saturday, June 6, 2015

Book of Fantasies BLACK - The Candle Wax

Book of Fantasies BLACK
"When each of them were branded equally with the red burns, Margo slid off Niki as she watched hungrily. Margo turned to face away from her, straddling Niki’s face before leaning over to lick the moist center of Niki’s body. Niki cried out one time at the sensation of Margo’s tongue on her most intimate parts, and then she braced her hands on Margo’s inner thighs and raised her head, running her tongue over Margo’s folds, the taste sweet... and succulent. As Margo laved circles over her cleft, Niki darted her tongue in and out of Margo’s center, both of them writhing and ready to lose control...."

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Also available in Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom too

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