Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Hide In Plain In Sight

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"I panicked for a moment. It could be a setup, and if it wasn’t I’d be leaving all my equipment behind with no way to check up on any action on the cybercrime sites or anything else. But then I reminded myself that I needed to live just one day at a time and not think about what I could or couldn’t do tomorrow. Right now, even if it was a setup, my husband was inviting me on a romantic weekend away, somethin...g we hadn’t had in at least seven years....."

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Hide in Plain Sight - #mystery #thriller 

#BookDescription --->>> HER BIGGEST MISTAKE WAS TRUSTING THE MAN THAT KILLED HER PARENTS. HIS BIGGEST MISTAKE WAS EVER DOUBTING HER TRUE GENIUS. On the surface, everything in her life is normal. Tess has a loving husband, a beautiful family, and more happiness than most people hope to have in a lifetime. But there’s more to her than meets the eye. Extraordinarily gifted from a young age, her career in the CIA is fulfilling and keeps Tess on her toes. However, working in the intelligence community also makes her a target, but not like anyone could have ever guessed. Tess carries an entire lifetime’s worth of secrets, things no one knows, not even her devoted husband. While appearances make it seem like her life is on track, her past is quickly catching up with her. How long can a life built on lies and intrigues sustain itself? How long will Tess be able to protect her loved ones from the past that killed her parents and almost killed her? And when the truth comes out, will she be able to hold on to those she holds most dear? Coming face to face with the man that she thought jailed away forever, Tess will have to tap into all the strength she can muster to save her children and the beautiful life she has constructed. ALL THAT’S HIDDEN WILL COME TO SURFACE. ALL THAT’S NEVER BEEN FORGOTTEN WILL RETURN IN FORCEFUL VENGEANCE. “This book has sex, lies and videotapes; what more could you want? How about the most shocking ending of all time! BRAVO!”

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