Thursday, January 15, 2015

The Impossible Life - Day 1 Teaser

I know you all get my teasers for my other books on here, but I wanted to share with you all FIRST a new book that I have been writing called The Impossible Life. It's not due out until September, so I will be posting excerpts of it on here before anywhere else.

This is a personal journey and one that I hope you will have the opportunity to get to know me just a little better. I hope to inspire and motivate, so please feel free to leave comments.

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The Impossible Life
By Kahla Kiker
I knew I finally wanted to see what I was capable of; I wanted to feel sexy, beautiful, but most of all, comfortable in my own body again. Day 1 of my journey lasted about two weeks. I spent the time researching nutrition, finding the right supplements and designing a workout plan that I thought might work for me. In those 2 weeks, I took my supplements and kind of ate a little better, but I didn’t workout properly – not once. I figured if I was Google-ing how to workout and eat right that it was the same thing. I knew better, but I also knew that it was a least a step in the right direction if after two weeks I was still thinking of how to accomplish my goal. By the time my official first day arrived, it went something like this:

I played with my new 8fit app that gives me quick workouts and menu plans to help my progress and I finally got so excited and motivated that I programmed it to set my workout alarm at 12noon. I ate oatmeal that morning for breakfast after I had decided to go mostly ‘Paleo’ – oatmeal is not on that diet by the way. Then I had my 10am snack – a shake. Which was great, but then I decided that I would do better on a daily basis if I had actual food variety as snacks too. But then I questioned myself how do I carry that many containers to work and around with me? Which brought me to the conclusion that I needed the food bag in the Total Nutrition store that my husband bought the supplements for me from, because it has storage and containers to carry 4 drinks and 4 compartments for snacks and meals. I was so excited just thinking about organizing and packing my entire day’s menu in there every night. It was something I felt was necessary to keep someone with my schedule on track! I also still needed to sign up at the gym that was closest to my house because my memberships at the other two gyms didn’t count since they were too inconvenient to drive to during my lunch hour – which was the time I decided I would workout. So…during my lunch hour I went to the Total Nutrition store and bought my bag. I swear the heavens parted, the sun shined and the birds sang as I walked out of that store with a renewed vigor for my success.

I looked at the time and it was running short. I drove across the street to the nearest burger joint and ordered a kids cheese burger (not on my diet plan at all!) and an unsweet tea. I hauled ass the gym and figured I would just eat and then run in. So I sat in the gym’s parking lot eating my kid cheeseburger fascinated as I looked through my new food bag at all the compartments and pouches. I sat there imaging how I was going to be so organized and how I would no longer have any excuse to eat fast food – which was actually my way of excusing the cheeseburger in my mouth. It felt like my birthday. I finally looked up and realized I was running late back to work, so I didn’t actually go into the gym and register. I got back to work and my app alarm sent another reminder. I looked down and the workout was only going to be 9mins long. So what did I do? Hell yeah - you betcha! I threw caution to the wind and pushed play. Then I sat at my desk for 9 minutes straight watching the workout on my phone. When it was over I told myself that I could have done that! I was completely oblivious to my first day’s goal! Later on I had my shake, I had a healthy supper of hamburger steak and asparagus and I even performed a quick 20 minute stair workout while my son was in tutoring class. It wasn’t a perfect first day, but it was a start. Looking back now, I think if I hadn’t went and bought that food bag, that maybe I wouldn’t be where I am now. Why? Because that large bag was a constant visual reminder that I have no dietary excuses. Sitting proudly up on my counter I couldn’t ignore it and somewhere deep inside me, I finally knew that I didn’t want to ignore it…


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