Sunday, February 1, 2015


#Midnight --> #New #Contemporary #Romance #Book --> #Excerpt

#RogerLaken <-> #MainCharacter

"He was just finishing up another creative writing burst when he suddenly heard something. It sounded like voices? Voices? What the hell? He thought his mind must have been playing tricks on him. There was no one around here for miles. No. There it was again, and, yeah, there went his train of thought. Damn it! Aggravated, Roger switched off his writing lamp and his office went pitch... black. He had left a light on in the kitchen, but that was far enough away that he couldn't see much of anything. He peered out his window and as his eyes adjusted, he could see a small fire about thirty yards out from his deck. Three, no four, silhouettes were out there, and he could here muffled laughing and caring on. What the fuck? Roger got up angrily and walked out to his living room. ..."

More details about the release date SOON!



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