Saturday, February 21, 2015

Your Life is Calling - Teaser

#SelfHelp #Inspiration #Book Your Life Is Calling: Put the LIFE back into your life!

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Create a Plan of Action & Test Your Beliefs

"Now it is time for the plan! The plan must be as specific and measurable....
If you are working to improve your physique, it is time to decide how you will approach both caloric intake and exercise. Will you count calories? Will you keep a log? How will you decide how many calories is appropriate? How will you make sure that appropriate foods are in the house? How will you deal with dining out? How will you chose a form of exercise that you feel you can stick with? How will you ensure that you build up slowly enough to avoid injury? Whatever you choose, I strongly suggest that you take physical measurements of your body rather than relying on the scale alone...."


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