Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Before You Die Live -Teaser

Before You Die – Live!
108 Inspirational Stories for People with #BucketLists
Midnight Premiere
"It was eleven in the evening. An October moon pulled itself into the sky as I cooked dinner all by myself. This would have been just three or four months after my divorce, and my dinner portions weren’t quite right yet. I always had leftovers, like there was a ghost of my ex-husband lingering in my gray Hoboken apartment. The ghost was always hungry. I couldn’t believe the date, the time. I had no plans, no non-couple friends. The newspaper on the counter displayed the movies playing just a short Path train ride away. As I stirred the macaroni on my left, I tapped my finger on a new release, a midnight premiere that evening. But could I go to a movie premiere by myself? Certainly that dipped into a level of loneliness that I couldn’t yet grasp.Going to a midnight premier had always been a dream of mine....”

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