Monday, November 23, 2015

Midnight- Teaser

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---> MIDNIGHT <---
---> Roger laughed to himself. Bill, if you only knew. He loved it here but it wasn't because he had started writing again. It was because of the woman he had met, the one who intrigued him and set a small fire in his blood. He felt like a man again. He felt the chase that all men feel when they see or meet someone their body and mind (usually in that order) responds to. The irresistible urge to get closer and meet the object of their eye that had piqued their interest. Every man felt that. Even the married ones, if they were honest, Roger admitted to himself. But he was single now, and he planned on satisfying that curiosity.
He tamped down the emotions that had sent him fleeing from his office earlier in the evening. Bill was right, he needed this and there was no place for Barb here. This was his time to find himself and get back on track...and there was no station for Barb to wait at and interfere.Glancing out the window, probably for the tenth time in as many minutes, Roger took a long sip of his beer and tried to shake some sense into himself. He was beginning to feel like a stalker. She might start to think I'm some kind of creeper. Or she might start to think I'm just a sad and lonely man that she should feel sorry for. Fuck!...<---


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