Monday, November 9, 2015

Book of Fantasies WHITE-The Personal Trainer

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Book of Fantasies WHITE
"During the entire hour, his hands are on me, correcting my posture but while his touch didn’t feel too intimate, it burned my skin and I was panting, not from the squats but from his touch. Finally, filled with frustration, I put down the bar and head out the backdoor without saying anything to him.Breathing in the cold air, I feel a little more under control. My clit still throbbed with need, but I could at least feel like there was some semblance of me. He comes out of the gym as I take in another large swallow of air and his musky scent fills my nostrils, causing that ache through me again. He touches my hand and then passes me some water. I take a deep swallow and watch him follow the movement of my breast...."

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