Sunday, November 29, 2015

Before You Die Live - Teaser

Before You Die – Live!
108 Inspirational Stories for People with #BucketLists
Make a List on Someone’s bucket List Come True
"I took the groceries home with a sheer elation pulsing through me. I couldn’t believe this had happened. I wanted to hug every person I saw; I felt like the world was better lit, that the sun hung higher in the sky. I tossed my family’s dinner salad whole-heartedly, and looked at them with earnest, caring eyes as they each entered, one-by-one, after their long and grueling days.Through the course of the evening, as my son dutifully completed his Calculus and my daughter chatted with whichever boy she was into on the phone, I sat in the chair by the window, certain there was something new and different about the world, something altered in the wake of this man’s gentle kindness. I wanted to pay this kindness forward, yes. I wanted it to count....”
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