Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Before You Die - Live

Before You Die – Live!
108 Inspirational Stories for People with #BucketLists
Juliet’s Wall
"The day my lawyer called me to tell me—“Bernie, the divorce is final”—I wept with double feelings: both joy and complete and utter sorrow. I supposed this strange, double passion was very European, laced with something ancient. Suddenly, I knew what I needed to do; I knew what I finally could do, on my own in this rushing world.
I flung myself to the airport, a brand new dress twirling around my ankles. I felt like an alien; I felt unlike myself. My heart was beating so fast, I was sure it would burst from my chest and start bleeding. The lady at the counter was dumbfounded when I rushed toward her, my bag tossing behind me, and said “One ticket to Rome. Preggo! Presto! Now, now, now!””

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