Friday, October 16, 2015

Your Life is Calling - Teaser

Your Life Is Calling: Put the LIFE back into your life!
“Very often this point in time, when you realize that you want your life to have more meaning, can be thought of as the “tombstone revision” moment in your life. Someday when all is said and done, do you want your tombstone to read: “Your name here – he always got the rent paid?” “Your name – she raised kids and helped her husband climb the corporate ladder?” “Your name – she helped a bank make money?” It’s not that any of these accomplishments aren’t worthwhile. It’s much better that you got the rent paid than if you hadn’t, it’s a wonderful achievement to successfully run a household, and good performance at your job brings us full circle – it’s an essential thing to do so you can pay the rent. But now you’re at that point in your life, like our banker, when you feel like you’re at a crossroad and you need to do something more...."

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