Saturday, October 10, 2015

Book Of Fantasies BLACK - The Zipper

Book of Fantasies BLACK
"Jeff frowned but shrugged and reached to squeeze her breast. She moaned and told him, “Why don’t you kiss along the top edge of the bra, and maybe I’ll even let you take it off?” Liking the sound of that because he really wanted to move forward, he followed her directions; kissing and licking at her behest. Of course, it was almost painfully frustrating to hold back when he wanted her so badly.
For Ivy, it was heaven, and the arousal began to build low in her stomach. She knew it wouldn’t be long before she was soaking wet and ready to go. She guided Jeff to her stomach, where he took over, tickling with his fingers and making a sensual exploration with his lips and tongue. She arched her back, asking for more as he finally removed her bra. He clasped his mouth over her nipple, suckling at them with intensity that shot lightning bolts straight through her....."
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