Friday, October 23, 2015

Once Upon A Dream -Teaser

Once Upon A Dream: A Dark Cinderella Story
---> She was right. The car had barely pulled away from the hotel before his fingers tangled into her hair and he yanked her towards him. The seatbelt cut into her shoulder and belly. Her gasp of fear and pain was low, husky and she tried hard to fight back the tears but she’d been holding them back too long tonight. They washed down her face in little silver rivers, destroying her makeup and dripping off the point of her chin.
“Levin that hurts!”
“Levin that hurts.” His voice was a mocking whine that made her back curl and all of her muscles tighten. Her jaw clenched and she said, “Yes, it hurts. I’m your wife, why are you doing this? Don’t you know this is wrong? It’s abuse!”
“You have one really, really smart ass mouth.” The words came out softly, slowly. He might have been having a conversation with a child. “You know what is not all that smart? Do you Ella?” <---


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