Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Midnight - Teaser

#ContemporaryRomance #OnSALE
---> MIDNIGHT <---
---> "Get over it old man. You shouldn't be looking", he chided himself. He was a grown man. A successful man. Why was he hoping to see some girl who snuck onto private property at nighttime to party with her friends? Because she was different, and the words for her, just would not come to him. Nothing fit. He could describe her, but not capture her.... He could not write her. That was the sexiest thing about her, and why he could not stop thinking about her. Feeling lonely, he finished the wine and went to bed, ignoring the laptop that sat waiting for him to return.
Roger slept late after a night of tossing and turning. Maybe it was his creative mind spinning a nonstop melodrama of betrayal and divorce. Maybe it was the craving for someone to interest and inspire him. Or maybe it was just too much wine....<---

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