Sunday, October 18, 2015

New Book!!!! - Find The Beautiful



As most of you know, my new book FIND THE BEAUTIFUL is coming out soon... I hope this book will give women everywhere the courage to find the beautiful in their own lives that are filled with the dreary routine and unshared responsibilities that suck the life right out of your soul.
From my heart to yours…

"Then, I work nine hours a day, barely taking the time to stretch and eat a vending machine sandwich with room temperature water for lunch. After work, I drive to pick the girls up from their after school tennis practice, hoping they didn’t have a match because then they run late. Finally, I pick Kale up from the daycare center across town that is two blocks from his school, and we ride together all the way back to our side of town, the kids often arguing about whose turn it is to sit in the front seat or teasing about one thing or another. We go home, and I make supper while I help with homework. Wes usually walks in the door right as dinner is served and then goes to ‘wind down’ from his day while I clean up afterward. I then proceed to get everyone showered and ready for bed as my clueless husband watches the news or riles the kids up so they have difficulty going to sleep. I maybe try to do some laundry if I have any energy left, and then I fall asleep only to wake up to do it all over again.....”



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