Saturday, October 3, 2015

Midnight - Teaser

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---> MIDNIGHT <---
---> He closed his eyes and lay there, letting his mind drift and before he realized it, he was thinking about her. Not Barb. No, for the first time in a year, Barb was not the first thought in his mind. It was her...Tessa.
She was as he first saw her. Standing there, confident and playful with her hands on her hips and head tilted just a little to t...he side. She had a beautiful smile—one of those smiles where her eyes, enchanting green eyes, light up too. The effect brought to mind the color of a Scottish hillside as the dawn crests the top and shows a world that is a brilliantly shining, rich green—simply breathtaking.
He couldn't stop himself from wondering where she was right now and what she might be doing. Roger was hard. So with the day having begun without him, he lay in bed and allowed his hand to...<---

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