Sunday, March 29, 2015

Book of Fantasies BLACK - The Stirrups

Book of Fantasies BLACK
"The mention of size made Lori’s eyes dilate, her vision blurring in the bright light of the room as he massaged further and further up her leg. Pushing her skirt up as he went, his eyes followed his hands as her breath came in pants. “I don’t think size really matters as long as you have the right craft.” She teased.
“I think I might have a better idea of how much size you can handle if you put your feet in these stirrups for a closer look.” He guided her feet into the loops and pushed them further apart so he had a perfect view to her center. He noted the pristine white panties and was certain he was dealing with a virgin, or maybe a one-timer. It only made his cock harder...."

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Also available in Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom too

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