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Midnight -Teaser

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---> Roger turned his attention back to the path, although he did notice her casting the occasional glance towards him. Probably wondering if he was being sincere about his flattery. For himself, he simply enjoyed the evening air. Roger felt physically tired as well as emotionally spent...but in a good way; he felt content. He looked up at the night sky and looked at the stars that were just starting to appear i...n the sky. He thought about the last year of his life and how much had changed in just a couple of weeks. People, he thought, as he glanced at Tessa. You let people in, and you take that chance, and you hope. Roger was surprised at himself. He was surprised he was writing again. He was surprised that he had a beautiful, sexy girl to hold hands and walk with. He was surprised that he was happy.<---

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 #New #Contemporary #Romance #Book

“Midnight is the time of day where the past meets the future —where one day ends and the new day begins. Midnight is the exact time of day where you get to start over.” Roger Laken stood on the beach, as the words spilled from the mouth of a beautiful woman he thought too young to understand their meaning. 

The famous Roger Laken —the very writer that has taken the world by storm with his popular series Night Watch, had everything he ever wanted. The house, the career, the beautiful wife...everything, until the day he walked into his bedroom and caught his wife making love to another man.

A broken heart filled with anger, Roger faces a nasty divorce and the knowledge that his cheating wife will reap half the proceeds of the entire series. His ability, motivation and even desire to write fail him and he is left struggling to finish the third and final book of his series. Pushing not one, but two release dates, Roger’s publisher is as frustrated as he is and demands the last book. In an effort to find himself, Roger takes the advice of his editor and escapes the city, paparazzi hounding his every step and the bitter memories his wife has left behind. Cape Cod beckons and the private cottage, secluded from the rest of the vacationers in the area for the summer, will hopefully provide him with the inspiration to write.

Roger moves in to his temporary home, and a week later finds himself on the beach at midnight staring into the flame lit eyes of Tessa Merlin. He’s captured by her beauty, inspired by her words and over the summer, his attraction to her strong wit and overly flirtatious nature transports Roger out of his depression and the words finally begin to flow. 

But is Tessa really who she says she is? Will she be the one to push Roger Laken to the peak of genius with the third and final book in his world famous series, or is she hiding a secret that will destroy his heart forever?

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