Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Before You Die – Live - Rock Climbing

Before You Die – Live!
108 Inspirational Stories for People with ‪#‎BucketLists‬
Rock Climbing
"When I was a young kid, I couldn’t climb. My strength was rooted in my brain, not in my muscles. I bested all the academic tests, and I flung myself through high school, through college. I saw my future as literary, as intellectual, as safe. My bucket list would include visiting all the world’s greatest libraries and museums. I found myself at a top graduate... school in the middle of Boulder, Colorado, and suddenly—even in the midst of my book-laden career—the most athletic, strongest people on the earth surrounded me. For the first time, I felt less-than, inarticulate in the face of such athleticism"

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 Before You Die – Live!

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