Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Book of Fantasies BLACK - The Net

#Naughty‬ Book of Fantasies BLACK
"Before she could think any further, another set of hands massaged her inner thighs, just barely holding back from touching her most intimate parts. She moved, all of a sudden wanting him to at least brush across her core. But she didn’t have enough range of motion, and she was halted with more hands, on her breasts and the back of her neck. She turned her face towards the hands at her neck as they sent impulses of pleasure down her... spine.
More hands plied her body, and she was stimulated from head to toe, only her core left untouched. Her fear grew, driving her to squirm, wanting the dozens of hands to disappear but a part of her wanting more”..."

Want to read more?

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Also on Apple iBooks!

Just type in Book of Fantasies BLACK by K in your e-Reader's search box!

Also available in Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom too

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