Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Book of Fantasies RED - The Secret Staircase

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Book of Fantasies RED
"I explored that rock hard chest with my fingers, kneading and stroking, and I scratched up his solid back with my nails, soft enough not to leave marks but hard enough to make him shiver. His towel fell to the ground, and we were completely nude, wrapped around each other. His cock was hard and pressing, stiff against my lower stomach, and I instinctively parted my legs as he shifted. His lips moved down my throat and along the hollow above my collarbone, exciting me until I was panting and moaning, the sounds of our foreplay echoing in the space around us......."

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Also on Apple iBooks!

Available in Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom too!

Just type Book of Fantasies RED by K into your e-Reader's search box!


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