Sunday, May 17, 2015

Midnight - Teaser

---> MIDNIGHT <---

 ---> At midnight, he would wander down to the bonfire pit and watch the waves until he felt his inspiration hit. Sometimes, as he sat out there, he would text Tessa. She was having a wonderful time in Scotland and she sent him a few pictures. They talked every few days and she would tell him how much she missed him. He would tell her the same and would talk about how he was enjoying the bonfire.
Sometimes he lit it and he ...would fall asleep beside the flames, dreams of Tessa walking out of the darkness and into his arms filled his nights. He longed to touch her, to kiss her; he longed to tell her how much he loved her and he would dream of making love to her in the sand. Every time, he would wake up feeling cold and alone to find the fire burned down to embers and his bed calling him.....<---

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